Oshkosh is Quality

Oshkosh is Quality

In everything we do at Oshkosh Corporation, we seek to tie it to improving the customer experience and delivering quality products and services. Last year, we focused on our customers and worked to identify who our customers are, what they want and how we can ensure that they are satisfied. In our “Year of the Customer,” we learned that everyone has internal and external customers. Internal customers can be the team member at the next station on the production line or your manager who is waiting for a report that you organize. External customers can be the end users of our products – our Warfighters, those operating our fire apparatus, those collecting refuse and working at construction sites. In short, everyone has customers. This year, the “Year of Quality”, we’re focusing our efforts on our quality; a natural progression as we seek to ensure that we’re delivering exactly what our customers want and with the quality they expect.

A common misconception about quality is that it is the job of only a select few. Senior Vice President of Quality & Continuous Improvement, Colleen Moynihan has worked hard to break that misconception by reminding team members that “Quality is the ultimate team sport.” Quality is everyone’s job at Oshkosh Corporation – from those who work in manufacturing to finance to aftermarket support to purchasing.

We work to design quality into our processes and products from the very beginning. This can be done by examining our drawings and components and making sure they are what our customer needs. If there is a problem, we don’t pass it on, but rather use the Oshkosh Operating System (OOS) tools to help find a solution. Quality can be as simple as asking questions. By asking “Is this the best way to do this?” we can help uncover ways to eliminate waste, streamline processes and delight internal and external customers.

On the production line, building quality into our processes can mean not advancing the product to the next station if there are defects or parts missing. For someone in supplier development, quality is working with suppliers to identify ways to eliminate waste and improve processes. In engineering, quality encompasses communicating with manufacturing team members and operations team members to ensure a full understanding of vehicle and product drawings.

Since quality knows no borders, or departments, there are a few questions and phrases we should remember when thinking about quality;

  • How can I improve quality?
  • Who is My customer?
  • Am I providing my customer what they need, when they need it?
  • Is there a better way to do this?

Sometimes improving quality can start with the simplest process change or waste elimination!