Oshkosh Corporation Achieves 2017 Green Masters Award for Recognition of Leading Sustainable Business Practices

Oshkosh Corporation received the Green Masters designation from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. The Green Masters award is given to the top 20% of companies in Wisconsin seeking recognition under the Green Masters Program. These companies are taking sustainable actions and leading continuous improvement throughout their organizations. Nine sustainability categories are evaluated. The categories include: energy, carbon and other emissions, water, waste management, transportation, supply chain, community and education outreach, and governance. 33 companies make up the 2017 Green Masters level list.
This is the third consecutive year that that Oshkosh Corporation has received this award. Recognition was based on sustainability initiatives taking place at all Wisconsin Oshkosh Corporation locations. 

Kevin Tubbs, Vice President of Global Environmental Affairs and Sustainability said, “It is inspiring to see what our Wisconsin sites have accomplished this past year with respect to their Sustainability performance. The Green Masters program is a great benchmarking tool to track the progress we are making each year. To know that Oshkosh Corporation is a leader in Wisconsin for sustainability actions is something we all can be truly proud of”.